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Registering and Logging on

To use the Ontec Energy system, you first need to create an account with Ontec Energy by filling in your details on the registration page. Note that the Surname field, the Username field and the Password fields are mandatory. All other fields are optional.

Note the Password Advice below when choosing your password.

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Buying Tokens

The "Buy Tokens" page allows you to buy tokens for the prepaid services you have added to your Ontec Energy account.

A Token is returned to you when you pay for a prepaid service. It usually has a number on it which will be used to add the value of the token to your prepaid service. The token also contains details of the transaction, such as the value of the token, tax paid etc. For PABX phones, your balance will be automatically updated, and the token serves only as confirmation that the purchase was successful.

To buy tokens for any of your registered services, tick the checkbox next to those services. Next to each selected service, simply fill in the value(in Rands) in the text box, or select an amount from the drop down list. Note that the text box takes precedence, so if both the text box and the drop down list have values, the value in the text box will be used. Your previous purchase amount will be the default amount in the drop down list.

Certain token types (e.g. Airtime) require that the purchase amount be chosen from a list of set token denominations. The available denominations will be presented in the drop down list. In such cases the textbox next to the dropdown list is used to indicate the quantity of selected tokens you wish to purchase. Example: if you want to buy R60 airtime, but the network only sells R30 tokens, then just enter '2' into the textbox and two R30 tokens will be purchased.

Monthly Limit
Each service has its own limit on the amount you can spend on this website per month. The value shown on the Buy Tokens page is the amount you have available this month. To see the overall limit and what you've spent so far, click on Details in the Monthly Limit column.

Dependent Services
Some services are dependent on other services. This is to avoid the fraudulent use of a credit card to make purchases which can't be traced. When buying airtime tokens, for example, there is no way we can know where those tokens end up (unlike electricity tokens which are only valid for a specific meter at a specific registered address). In order to ensure that airtime is not bought fraudulently, the following measures have been put in place:

  1. Buying airtime is dependent on you having a registered prepaid meter. In addition, you must have bought at least one electricity token, using the same credit card you are using to buy airtime.
  2. For an initial limited period (e.g. 2 months) a limit will be placed on the amount of airtime you are able to purchase using a particular credit card. This initial limit will be placed on every new credit card used to purchase tokens from a dependent service.

Services which are dependent on other services will be clearly indicated on the website, during service registration and while attempting to buy tokens.

Confirm Order
Check that your order details are correct before paying for the items. If you wish to remove an item, click on the Remove link next the item you wish to remove. If you wish to add more items, click on the Add Item link, which will take you back to the "BuyTokens" page. Once you have checked the item details, you can either select a payment method from your list of registered payment methods, or you can fill in new payment details in the area provided. Select Other Credit Card if you wish to do this. Once payment has been authorised, your token number and transaction details will be displayed. Please note the dependant service restrictions above.

Please also note that once you click the Make Payment button, you cannot change your mind and reverse the payment. Please be sure you wish to buy the tokens above before clicking this button. If for any reason your request can not be processed and you do not receive a token, you will not be charged for the token.

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Electricity Tokens

When buying electricity tokens you may find extra charges or extra units you were not expecting.
The following is a list of what you may find on the electricity token in addition to the requested amount of units:

  • Free token - "Basic Service Support Tariff". This token represents electricity that is provided free of charge to the consumer. This typically occurs once a month, if your administration supports it, and will appear with an extra token code below the token you have bought.
  • Debt - Certain municipalities will use a portion of the money a consumer pays towards a prepaid electricity token to pay off that customer's debt to the municipalty instead. Debts such as rates and water may be included.
  • Fixed fees: A fixed fee, typically charged once a month, by the municipality.

Using sms to buy Tokens

Ontec Energy users who have registered their cellular phone number and an SMS password with Ontec Energy can use their cellular phone to order tokens. Use the Update User Details page to register a cellular number and SMS password.

In order to use this service, you must also have registered at least one electricity meter / PABX phone and a payment method with Ontec Energy. In cases where more than one Meter / Phone or more than one Payment Method is registered, it is assumed that you are buying electricity for your default meter, or increasing the balance on your default PABX phone, using your default payment method. This is in order to keep the SMS request short. You can change which service and payment methods are considered default by updating your service and payment method details. (See Managing Services and Managing Payment Methods in this help file)

The format of an SMS request for electricity is as follows:

  • elec R.cc smspassword
  • R.cc is the value of the electricity requested, with a '.' separating the Rands and cents.
  • smspassword is the SMS password registered with Ontec Energy.
    (Note: This is not the same as the Ontec Energy user password used to access the web site.).

The format of an SMS request for a PABX phone is as follows:

  • phone R.cc smspassword
  • R.cc is the value of the phone adjustment requested, with a '.' separating the Rands and cents.
  • smspassword is the SMS password registered with Ontec Energy.
    (Note: This is not the same as the Ontec Energy user password used to access the web site.).

For example:
elec 75.00 MySmsPassword orders an electricity token worth seventy five Rand.

Ontec Energy identifies the user by the cellular phone number the SMS is coming from, and sends back a response SMS in the following format:

  • Ontec Energy Electricity
    Receipt#: RRRRRRRR
  • TTTTTT indicates the electricity token number that is entered into the electricity meter.
  • RRRRRR indicates the receipt number of the transaction.

If there was a problem processing the request, an SMS response is sent back to the user indicating what the problem was. (e.g. insufficient funds available.)

The cellular number to send the SMS request to is:


If this number is changed in the future, Ontec Energy will attempt to notify all users of the SMS system of this change. We recommend that you enter this number into your cellular phone's address book in order to simplify future orders through the Ontec Energy SMS system. You may also want to consider saving a "template" copy of the request SMS on your cellular phone, in which case we recommend, for security reasons, that you exclude your password from the template and append it to the end of the request SMS every time you send an SMS electricity request to Ontec Energy.

All completed SMS transactions can be viewed in the "View Transaction History" section of the Ontec Energy web site. The cellular networks may take a few minutes to deliver the SMS request to Ontec Energy and then deliver Ontec Energy's SMS response to the user's cellular phone. If you have sent a request and are concerned that you have not received a reply, you can check whether or not Ontec Energy processed your request by viewing your transaction history on the Ontec Energy web site. If there is no entry corresponding to your SMS request, it usually means that Ontec Energy did not receive the request SMS, probably due to technical problems with the cellular phone networks.

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Managing Services

The "Manage Services" page shows the services you have already registered with Ontec Energy and allows you to add new services and to remove services you will no longer be using.

To ADD a service:

  • Fill in the service number or select the correct provider from the drop down list.
  • For electricity, enter your Meter number, for PABX phones, enter your PABX phone number, for airtime, select your Network Provider.
  • Your Description: Enter a description of this service. This description is for your reference, and can be anything you like.

When done, click the Add Service button.

To REMOVE a service:
To remove a service you previously added, but are no longer using, simply click the checkbox next to the service details, and then click the Remove Service button.

Please note the dependant service restrictions above.

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Managing Payment Methods

The "Manage Payment Methods" page shows the payment methods you have already registered with Ontec Energy and allows you to add new payment methods and to remove payment methods you will no longer be using.

A Payment Method is the method you use to pay for your prepaid tokens. At present, Ontec Energy can only accept Credit Cards as payment methods, but additional ways of paying are planned for the future.

Security Concerns

To ADD a payment method:
Fill in the relevant credit card details and click the Add Credit Card Details button.
The Short Description is for use on printouts, statements etc; it should be kept short and is mandatory.
The Full Description is optional and is for your own reference only.
The Name on card is the card owner and should be typed in exactly as it appears on the front of the credit card.
The 3 CVV security number is located on the back of your credit card and is the last 3 digits after the end of your normal credit card number. This is added security for your protection.
(for example: if your credit card number is 1234 4444 5555 4321, on the back of the card you will find 4321 123. The 4321 is the end of your normal credit card number. The 123 is the cvv number.)
Selecting the Make this default checkbox will mean that the payment method will be automatically selected when buying tokens.
Please ensure all fields are filled in correctly

When you're done, click the Add Credit Card Details button below.

To EDIT an existing payment method:
To edit a payment method you previously added, click the Edit Payment Method link. NOTE: Once you have entered your credit card details, they are encrypted before being saved. They cannot, therefore, be viewed again, or updated, except for the descriptions and the choice to make a particular method the default one. These are the only details which will be shown when editing a payment method. Should you want to edit any of the details not shown, such as the credit card number, you will need to remove the credit card and add a new one with the updated details. Once updated, click the Update Details button.

To REMOVE a payment method:
To remove a payment method you previously added, but are no longer using, simply click the checkbox next to the method description, and then click the Remove Selected button.

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Credit Card Fund Reservations

When you order tokens from us the following process takes place:

  • First we reserve the funds from your card. The money is still in your account, but is not available to you. This ensures us that when we give you a token, we will get paid.
  • Next, we order the token.
    If this is successful we then transfer the funds from your account to ours.
    If this is not successful, we reverse the reservation of funds.
  • Unfortunately, the only step which happens instantly is the reservation of funds. The transfer of money from your account to ours, or the reversal of the reservation, happens once a day only, at a particular time in the evening. A specific reversal can take up to 10 days to be processed. This is a limitation of the banks' credit card processing system, so there's nothing we can do to make these reversals happen instantly.
  • Reserved funds, which have been reversed, will only be available again once the process above is complete.

Refund Policy

Utilities provide a refund policy to its consumer when vouchers purchased are unable to function on the metering instrument installed at the consumer's premises. Such refund are done between the consumer and the utility directly, usually after the transfer of the payments is done from Itron to the utility, if the particular consumer made use of any Itron payment channels.

Since the purchase on electricity via the internet requires various points of connections and infrastructure, it is possible for a transaction to be delayed or completely cancelled after the encrypted code was generated by the system. Since Itron is held accountable for all codes generated, various control processes are in place to ensure the integrity and full reconciliation of information processed in the system.

Once an encrypted code is generated through the internet service, the EFT process is immediately processed to secure funds. In the event where the consumer did not received the code purchased, the system will re-send the code to the consumer or the consumer can contact a call centre to obtain the valid purchased code. If the payment was processed, and the security code was not generated, an automatic refund will be processed. Should a consumer have any queries related to this service, Itron provide a call centre service for support.

Transaction History

The "View Transaction History" page lists all the tokens you have purchased (or attempted to purchase, should the purchase not have gone through). Records can be filtered by date. By default, records for the last 30 days are shown. The token record includes the token number, so if you've lost it, and have not yet used it, you can find it here.

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User Details

You can update your personal details on the "Update User Details" page. You cannot change your username, however all other fields are updatable, including your password.Note that the Surname and Password fields are mandatory. All other fields are optional.

Also note the Password Advice when changing your password.

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Ontec Energy sells electricity at the same price as your local shop. Your free electricity quota is automatically included in your first purchase every month, if your administration supports this.

Hours of service

Ontec Energy is available 24 hours a day for web transactions.
(The site will occasionally be briefly offline for maintanence).

Areas and networks currently served by Ontec Energy

Ontec Energy tokens can be bought for the following areas / networks:

  • Electricity
    • ItronPU
    • Blue Crane Route
    • Easy Metering
    • uMlalazi Local Municipality
    • Prepay Metering
    • Metro Prepaid
    • Youtility_Actom
    • Youtility_Duelcor
    • MoleMole Municipality
    • Westonaria
    • LiveWire
    • Midvaal Utility
    • Itron Private Utilities
    • SolPlaatje
    • Eskom
    • Eskom Western Cape
    • uMhlathuze Municipality
    • KNYSNA Utility
    • Munisipaliteit Dawid Kruiper Municipality
    • Youtility_Pioneer
    • Cape Town
    • Saldanha Municipality
    • Eskom Online
    • JHB City Power
    • Tshwane
    • City Property
    • Blouberg Municipality
    • George Municipality
    • TheeWatersKloof Municipality
    • Centlec
    • Hessequa Municipality
    • CEDERBERG Municipality
    • Itron Private Utilities
    • Kouga Municipality
    • Nusco
    • Newcastle Municipality
    • Newcastle Municipality
    • OntecDinoPath
    • Youtility_ProAdmin
    • GRCSystems
    • bluswitch
    • Nquthu Municipality
    • Citiq Prepaid
    • Cape Agulhas
    • DAmetering
    • RNM
    • Drakenstein Municipality
    • Overstrand Municipality
    • Oudtshoorn Municipality
    • JHB Water
    • jmflowsort
    • Prometer
    • Youtility_Inceku
    • Blaauwberg Administration
    • Dipaleseng Municipality
    • smartpowersa
  • Phone
    • NW Golden Retirement Village
    • SW Golden Retirement Village
    • Standard Electrical Ipay Demo

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Security Concerns:

Password Advice

Your password is the main security for your personal data. If someone else obtains your password, then they have complete access to your account. Most people choose poor passwords such as common words or words directly related to themselves. Below is a list of Do's and Don'ts, to help you find a password that is secure and not easily guessed. Please use these guidelines when choosing your password:

  • Do NOT use any of your names, including your username, in your password.
  • Do NOT use the names of people close to you, such as your friends and family.
  • Do NOT use words or names that appears in the dictionary. (These may be included in cracking tools' "word" lists).
  • Do NOT use well known phrases and slang.
  • If you still wish to use a word from the list of Do NOTS above, then vary the character sequences by any of the following methods:
    • Prepend or append symbols, punctuation marks and / or digits to a word.
    • Use words with some or all the letters reversed.
    • Use words with the vowels deleted.
    • Replace letters with similer looking symbols or digits, and vice versa.
      For example
      • A -> 4
      • a -> 2
      • C -> (
      • E -> [
      • E -> {
      • 3 -> ]
  • Do NOT share your password with anyone.
  • Do NOT send it in an email message.
  • Do NOT use your Ontec Energy password as a password on another web site or service.
  • DO commit your password to memory rather than writing it down.
    If you must write it down, keep it away from your computer and separate from your user name.
  • DO change your password FREQUENTLY (at least every six months).
  • DO mix numbers and both uppercase and lowercase letters in your password.
  • DO remember to log out when you are finished.
  • DO use at least 8 characters.
  • Include a digit or punctuation.

Remember, passwords are case-sensitive. websitePassword is considered different to Websitepassword.

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Credit Cards

Sending credit card information
This web site is secured using a Digital Certificate. This verifies our site's identity for you. It ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted using proven mechanisms (https), and so cannot be intercepted by a third party. This is indicated by a closed lock icon at the bottom right of your browser window, and a web address that starts with https://.

Saving credit card information
The data stored on our servers is protected using comprehensive security technology including network firewalls and database field encryption.

Your details will not be given out to any third party, except of course when you make a purchase, when we must send your credit card details and purchase amount to the bank, and your service number and purchase amount to the relevant service provider.

There is no reason for anyone else to try and buy electricity on your account, since the token that they buy will only work in your meter, and will only work once. Note the measures we have taken to stop fraudulent use of credit cards when buying airtime.

How to get assistance

Helpdesk number available during office hours: 021 928 1800

Email: servicedesk@ontec.co.za
Calldesk hours are 08:00 - 20:00 Monday - Sunday.